This ambitious project included renovation of a 52-unit 1931 Art Deco building designed by Bill Bain and Lionel Pries, and the development of 61 new units in three new structures surrounding a garden courtyard. Designed by Weinstein A+U, development of the new buildings relied on a City Council approved Contract Rezone to enable the reorganization of building massing and height, the reuse of an existing non-compliant garage entry for an enhanced pedestrian realm, and the inclusion of retail to promote neighborhood vitality and street activation. Working closely with the Department of Neighborhoods and the Landmark Preservation Board, a historic designation of the original building was secured providing the approval for its careful restoration.

Owner: BelRoy Homes LLC
Contractor: Walsh
Lender: Bank of America
Architect: Weinstein A+U
Location: North Capitol Hill
Project Size: 78,000 SqFt
Project Cost: $28MM
Type: Multi-family
Status: Stabilized 2013